Some of the links below wont be of much use to others as this is also a spot for me to keep track of the people I contacted and who helped me.

1. My Sealine thread for this project. There are loads of fans of the Acecraft boats and some who are offering some useful advise.

2. Leasure marine has a shop in Midrand and offer certification and repair facilities. Trevor Feigin offerred his services.

3. LTB Club Light tackle boat club. Vossie appears to be a very friendly and willing to help individual. They can apparently help with the certification of my vessel. I just need to make time to buy him a beer and discuss this project. 

4. SAMSA South-African Maritime Safety Authority.

5. FriscoJarrents video blog is a very informative and quite detailed account of his boat repair work. I've looked at a lot of other sources and it all comes down to the same work, however, very few put so much effort into documenting the process.

6. RIchard Rushton from Crocs Sailing Center, a friend of my sister and an avid boater referred me to Steve Thysse based at Harties (I just mailed him and am expecting a response soon). Obviously this reference means nothing to anyone else, however, I need it to keep track of whom I've contacted.