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Chapter 07 - Cleaning the hull part 2

12 August 2012

Unfortunately I'm still busy cleaning the hull because one of my tenants trashed my house a bit. A very nice guy, and a friend - although trust is completely gone. It is true, there are no friends in business. Never again will a friend rent an apartment from me. Cupboard doors were broken off, door handles broken, curtain railings and blinds stolen and the paint ruined with prestic spots to mention some of my gripes. Fortunately the unit is almost completely repainted and repaired. Now to find tenants.

So the latest on the boat is that the hull is almost completely clean. For the most part I have 10 - 20 cm regions cleaned and roughened for the fibre glass lip to help with a good bond. I noticed quite a few areas suffered de-lamination so I want to be sure it wont happen again.

Its very dusty. Once all the old boards and fibre have been removed it will be vacuumed. As you can see from the photo above its almost done.