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Chapter 06 - Cleaning the hull

Sunday 15 July 2012.

Most of the rotten wood is out, except for the live bait box and fuel tank space as I ran out of cutting discs. The fibre glass and wood chews through the discs at an alarmingly efficient pace, probably as they're designed for metal. The new angle grinder, 900 W is way more adept at ripping through the remaining pieces.

I've finished most of the nose. I suspect I'll be able to finish it in 3 or 4 stages. Hopefully not much more that about 2 to 3 days work to clean everything up. Initially I started out with the grinding disk but it was painfully slow. Switching to a sanding disk, about 60 grit (it doesn't say on the disk) made the process remarkably easy. It eats through the remaining fibre glass lips in seconds. The little wood pieces are a bit more of a challenge but they are not too difficult to grind through.

I smoothed out most of the fibre and resin but did not go down to the hull. The disk does a good job of roughing up the surface, so depending expert advise I might just smooth and roughen the surfaces where I need to place the new glass. 

Its incredibly dusty. After grinding for 5 to 10 minutes my safety glasses and glasses are so dirty I have to stop  and clean them (probably a good idea to rest the grinder anyway considering the previous ones untimely demise). 

So far the equipment used are as follows:
Angle grinder (R230)
Cutting disks (R10 a piece, and only two used so far)
Grinding disk (R30)
Sanding disk (R30) - a must have to clean the glass lips and clean the surface of the hull
Flat prying bar (R80)

Safety glasses
Mask (R40 for a pack of 4) - the dust gets in everywhere, I would hate to see what it does to lungs without protection
Earplugs - while grinding down the glass lips the grinder makes a helluva racket
Gloves - the glass and wood will rip through skin with ease, and the rusty screws pose an even greater danger.

I've included the cost of the items I had to buy for the project. Some of the items were in the store room so I'm not sure of the cost.

That's it for this weekend. I'm tired and very itchy from the fibre however good progress was made. This coming weekend I will hopefully be able to spend some time on this but all the rubbish must be removed first so there might only be limited progress. Sunday we'll be spending some time with family so it will only be part time on Saturday.