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Chapter 03 - Under the deck

Update on my boat project!

I finally got my act together and set aside an afternoon to take the deck off. As it turns out, it is surprisingly easy. Unfortunately though, a pry bar just doesn't cut it. The circular saw and jigsaw were out of the question as I didn't know what's under the deck or where the nails were. So grinder it was.

Cutting disk + wood means a lot of smoke, and much tears but nonetheless the deck was off in a couple of hours with plenty of rests in between.

Especially up front the wood was at times non existent. However, closer to the rear a lot of the wood was a lot better, so it is looking good for the transom and the rest.

I removed a lot of the bottles and polystyrene this afternoon, unfortunately, it took only 30 minutes for me to fill the old Venter trailer to the brim. It was late, so I'll post a photo later when the light is better.

In the front there was some wood fragments that were distinctly wet even though the boat hasn't seen water in over a decade.

Although it was only a couple of hours I was exhausted, as you can pick up from my not so coherent and broken speech. But there it is. The project has begun.

Where possible I'll try to keep track of tools and materials used.

Tools used for the deck removal:
  • 600W grinder with cutting disc
  • Flat pry bar
  • Brute force
  • Mask
  • Eye protection
With all the dust the mask was a necessity. Even though it could not keep all the smoke out it kept the fibre and resin out of my lungs which is a good thing. And the eye protection did a good job of keeping the dust off my glasses, which by implication means it kept a lot of the dust out of my eyes.