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Chapter 02 - Administration

One of my biggest concerns with tackling a project of this nature is the regulations and administration costs. It would be a very sad day indeed, repairing the boat, it looks great, seems fit for the waters, and it needs to be redone because someone had to inspect something below the deck before it can be certified. As it turns out, this may be partly true. As this is South-Africa, SAMSA rules apply.

Steve Thysse part of Mariners hub (near Harties I believe) answered many of my tedious questions (Sorry about the many long emails).

1) The project can be completed by me (phew...). I can replace what needs to be replaced and the forward console can be converted to center console without problems. 
2) However, a SAMSA accredited agent needs to foam the boat in order for a certificate of buoyancy to be issued according to new SAMSA regs. R3k, conveniently he can arrange this for me. They have a formula that determines the relationship between displacement and the amount of required foam.
3) Buoyancy certificate can be issued before rigging the boat. So I don't need to get motors, life jackets and the other paraphernalia for this stage.
4) Once the certificate has been issued, a COF (certificate of fitness) needs to be obtained. This is another R3k. For this the boat needs to be rigged with all the required kit, about another R6k and the motors, some more money.

After this the boat should be ready. I will liaise with Steve and some of the other friendlies I have made contact with to determine exactly what is required for COF as kit is only part of the game as I understand. This will need to be addressed as well.

Then, the last part (which is probably ideally completed while sorting the boat) is the skippers. Once again Steve can come to the party for R1800 which appears to be the going rate for the course.

So for now, we're sitting at about R12 000 for the lot minus the motor and any work done by me. Lets guestimate about R15k to R20k for a set of second hand propulsion, another R6k for materials (at least I already have a decent amount of materials) and we end up at about R40k total. Ouch... God willing some opportunities will present themselves, especially regarding the motors, even if I have to jump in with the spanners and sort them out myself.

It looks like its time to get started and rip this deck apart.

PS. I forgot to mention. It turns out that bottles need to be inspected / replaced every 3 years where foam is inspected every 5 years.

With the COF which needs to be done once per year they do have a quick look at the foam though to make sure it is up to scratch. COF is done every year (not sure about this cost) and the fire extinguishers need to be services annually.

PPS. Some more figures. I found some dated web sites with prices for COF at about R250 so it appears to be close to that of a car (at that time). There may be other costs, but here's hoping not...