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Chapter 10 - Slow progress, more timber

Progress is slow, but it feels as if things are happening again.

Sikaflex to bond the timber and is also used along with foam rubber strips to keep the timber from directly resting on the hull.

The conveniently glassed strip which held up the stringers previously was used to hold the meranti in place. It turns out it is way easier to level the meranti correctly with the deck and then use it as a fixed reference in stead of the string in the previous chapter. It doesn't sag the way a string does and it is also much easier to use the square on the wood. 

I need to locate a toothed belt to drive my table saw. If I can secure that for the weekend I hope to be able to finish most of the bulkheads and stringer. However, life happens so I'll lean towards a more conservative possibility.
Paul Greeff,
14 Oct 2012, 12:16